GIGA Solusi

Our Competitiveness

The year 2022 marks our decade of presence in the industrial world. How do we get stronger in the dynamic market in these 10 years?

Official partnership with all the brand principals

It enables us to bring 100% percent authentic products
that are traceable to their origin factories and guaranteed
to fulfill the published specifications. We reallyunderstand
how this consistency will bring peace of mind to the
Indonesian manufacturers and open the way to optimal
innovations and quality products.

More efficient business process

Convenience in having world’s best products right in the
homeland’s factories – this is the essence of “solution” in
GIGA Solusi. Manufacturers can indulge in the convenience of
owning world’s best products within their factories, without the
hassle of having to import the products by themselves or
embarking on a costly business trip abroad. Moreover, all of
our transactions are done in IDR.

The Reliable Authorized Distributor for Your Manufacturing Process

We are passionate in supporting the development of the manufacturing world in Indonesia; therefore, we bring in the best products from global producers to the country – but we don’t stop there. Our added value is in our personalized assistance to each client to ensure the parts they bring in into their factory work excellently and reach expected results. We also put much emphasis on our prompt after-sales service which has been
widely recognized by our clients.

Our competitiveness is in line with the Indonesian government’s policy on TKDN (Local Content Level) requirements that must be fulfilled by all industrial entities in the affected sectors. TKDN measures the amount of components that are locally made or purchased in the development and manufacturing of an electronic product. The involvement of national companies in the supply chain contributes an increase in TKDN.