GIGA Solusi

We are here as a solution to make your technology ideas a reality.

End-to-End Solutions in Electronic Product Development Stages

We value every clients innovative concept and groundbreaking ideas by assisting them with the advance technology and component that are essential to make it a reality. GIGA Solusi is here to provide innovative end-to-end solutions.

GIGA Solusi's End-to-End Electronic Product Development

Mesh WiFi Router &
AP for Whole Home Coverage

Giga Solusi have a dual-band WiFi Mesh Router & Access Point that can give better WiFi coverage for the whole infrastructure, from housing, high-rise residential, to office complexes.

RFID Solution for Warehouse Management

Giga Solusi present the platform (software) that also comes with a reader and tag that enable full RFID implementation to optimize your warehouse’ efficiency.

IoT-enabled Facility with LoRa

Make your vision of connected facilities comes true, with the application of LoRa technology and IoT. Our LoRa-based networks are ideal for water and gas metering, asset tracking, homes and buildings, and many more which low power consumption and long range.

Motor Inverter

In this project, GIGA Solusi provides The motor inverter solution that gives us lower power consumption, therefore meets the international standards for green energy consumption. Moreover, it is also compatible for smaller electronic designs.

Energy Meter

Along with the growth of customers demands and preferences, Giga Solusi innovation in energy meters has evolved. It has tempered-proof technology, more precise consumption calculation and and requiring less "maintenance".

Our Development Stages


Specification, Design, and Prototype

At the first stage, we intend to satisfy the clients’ demands for an electronic design based on the product specification. Our team will identify he best design options for the product and develop a prototype to show clients what the finished product will look like and to verify that the requirements and design concept function as planned.


Component and Embedded Module Supply

Our key responsibilities in this stage are selecting the appropriate components, providing them, and configuring them (if necessary).


Manufacturing and Assembly

This third stage includes the practice of assembling the separate parts or partially assembled units in a process called manufacturing. By producing and assembling products, we turn the design concept into tangible goods.


Testing and Quality Control

We support customers’ testing and quality control to assess and ensure that the finished product fulfills the market requirement. These two parts entail a series of actions to find and address any technical problems.